Yes. Unpacked products are entitled to warranty according to the warranty certificate issued by Collarbone Sport. The warranty does not cover the same period as the packaged brand new product.

Yes. Unpacked products are eligible for a 30-day return as detailed here.

Yes. Unwrapped products enjoy the same return conditions as newly unpacked products.

The amount will be refunded to you within a maximum of 14 days after completing the Product Return Form. The money will be transferred to the bank account specified in the form. If you paid by card, the value will be refunded to the card you paid with.

The product can be returned if it is in the same condition in which it was delivered (no scratches, damage, incomplete set of accessories, damaged packaging / box, electric shocks) and is not part of the exclusions listed here.

For products supplied by Collarbone Sport, you must complete the product return form within 48 hours of delivery.

If you’ve deleted the discount voucher code email or can’t find it, all you have to do is contact us in a way that’s convenient for you. You can send us information from here or contact customer service on phone: +44 7780 242 982 and we will send you the code again so you can use it and order the desired product. We will only need the email address it was sent to.

If you have received a voucher as a gift or from a promotion, you must check that you have complied with the terms of use of the voucher (expiry date and products for which it can be used), which you can find in your email when sent or in the policies of the relevant active campaign from which you received it. If, despite fulfilling the conditions for applying a voucher, it has not yet been added to your order, please contact us on +44 7780 242 982

If, after registering your order, you find that the entered data is incorrect and you want it changed in any way (company, change of telephone number or name), you only need to contact us at the specified telephone number or contact form with us, which you can find here. It is important to know that a change to the invoice can be made if the order is invoiced within 35 days.